A web series about 4 brothers operating their father's tow truck company, starring The Imponderables and Nicholas Campbell. Created by Mark De Angelis and Charles Ketchabaw. Directed by Mark De Angelis & Charles Ketchabaw and Vivieno Caldinelli.



Dave's one true passion in life is his self-produced podcast. Dave uses his podcast to discuss the highly dysfunctional family dynamic behind Bill & Sons Towing. Other times, he’ll try to order a pizza with 42 toppings and record the entire phone conversation.

In the latest episode of Dave's Secret Podcast, Dave Vanderchuck takes you behind the scenes of his job at the garage. 

In order to prove to his other brothers that Eric is on the up and up, Dave bugs Eric's phone. 

In order to prove to Eric that Jon knows proper customer service, Dave bugs Jon's tow truck. 

Dave introduces podcast viewers to the new whiteboard that Eric has installed in the garage, but Tony and Jon have other plans for it. 

Dave shares a voicemail Bill & Sons received on their toll-free number - 1-888-485-8149. 

So that Tony does not feel excluded from the secret recordings of his brothers, Dave bugs the area of the garage where Tony works. 

Dave finds a brief respite from being the butt of jokes when Eric becomes the butt of a joke. 

Dave introduces podcast viewers to Charlie, the homeless man who lives behind Bill & Sons Towing. 

In yet another secret recording, Dave takes viewers into the hygiene-challenged world of Charlie, the homeless guy who lives behind Bill & Sons Towing.

Dave shows off the gift he's made for Bill's birthday. 


Created and produced by Ready Set Panic