A web series about 4 brothers operating their father's tow truck company, starring The Imponderables and Nicholas Campbell. Created by Mark De Angelis and Charles Ketchabaw. Directed by Mark De Angelis & Charles Ketchabaw and Vivieno Caldinelli.



This is where you’ll find extra shit (behind the scenes, interviews, outtakes, etc)

As you already know from my posts on social media and the GenreCon Torch, we are big fans of BILL & SONS TOWING. A Canadian web-series set in Hamilton, Ontario that has us watch the comedy unfold in a family towing business where four brothers have the same Dad but are all from different mothers.

A Behind-The-Scenes look at the making of the web series Bill & Sons Towing. 

KATIE CHATS with Actor/Writer ERIC TOTH about his career in the entertainment industry and the two webseries he's involved with, "THE IMPONDERABLES" & "BILL & SONS TOWING."

Multi-award winning web series 'Bill & Sons Towing' is returning for a Second Season! 

Award-winning comedy webseries starring The Imponderables & Nicholas Campbell. Created by Mark De Angelis & Charles Ketchabaw BILL & SONS TOWING Bros Before Tows Watch all 10 episodes of Season One now! 

Eric introduces the swear jar, which leads to an extensive analysis of the cost of swearing.

Eric and Jon can't stop laughing about shit stains. 

Watch all 22 eps of the award-winning Bill & Sons Towing series.

We towed J-Roc's car. His phone was inside. We took some photos. We emailed those photos to his contacts.

We towed Colin Mochrie's car. We cannot be held responsible for any damages sustained by unlicensed persons trying to unhitch their car from our tow truck.

We might have towed Bill Cosby's car. There is a Cutlass that no one has picked up. Does the Cos drive a Cutlass???

A voicemail from one of our customers. We aim to please!


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