A web series about 4 brothers operating their father's tow truck company, starring The Imponderables and Nicholas Campbell. Created by Mark De Angelis and Charles Ketchabaw. Directed by Mark De Angelis & Charles Ketchabaw and Vivieno Caldinelli.



Four brothers, all from different mothers, are forced to work together at their father's shitty tow truck company.
Rarely on the same page, but always under the same roof, the stories in the inaugural season revolve around the four brothers and their clashing ideas. But no matter the argument, Eric, Jon, Dave, and Tony are always forced to work together to get themselves out of trouble. And trouble comes in droves. Whether it’s an irate customer, a police officer, or an insurance adjuster, nobody enjoys dealing with a tow truck company. Let alone one that can’t get its shit together.

Eric comes home to help his brothers run the family business only to discover that his big ideas are met with a big f*** you. 

The arrival of an angry customer not only highlights how at odds the four brothers are, but also what an unbelievable shit hole this place is.

After deciding to switch jobs for the day, Eric is forced to drive a tow truck for the first time while Jon is forced to do math when a Revenue Canada agent shows up asking questions.

Dave informs his brothers that he's taken money from the marketing & promotions account to shoot a bikini calendar for Bill & Sons Towing. 

Eric is shocked when he finds out who Bill and his brothers have been paying as their security guard.

In a veiled attempt to get back together with his "almost fiancé" Cynthia, Eric invites her to conduct a Team Building Workshop at Bill & Sons Towing. But nobody expected Cynthia to bring such a big surprise with her.

Locked up and neutered from all fun by Dave's mom Jolene, Bill sneaks into the shop for one last day with his boys. The boys try to appease him knowing full well Dad can't chug nooners like he used to.

Eric is trying to win a reality show renovation for their shop. Knowing full well they need to impress the host, Jon spins more family drama than a Spanish telenovela.

Dave has organized a surprise party for Bill's birthday. But the real surprise is that he's invited all the moms, making this Bill's worst birthday ever.

Tired of the constant fighting amongst his four sons, Bill has arranged to sell the shop to a big tow truck firm from Toronto. Will the boys sign on the dotted line?


Created and produced by Ready Set Panic