A web series about 4 brothers operating their father's tow truck company, starring The Imponderables and Nicholas Campbell. Created by Mark De Angelis and Charles Ketchabaw. Directed by Mark De Angelis & Charles Ketchabaw and Vivieno Caldinelli.


SEASON 2 (12 episodes)

As Bill’s four sons struggle to keep the business afloat, a new challenge arrives in the form of Sutherland Towing: a high-end
corporate tow truck company that has just set up shop in Hamilton. Complicating matters, the boys made the foolish mistake of setting fire to the Sutherland head office at the end of Season One - a mistake that will come back to haunt them. With an aggressive campaign to muscle Bill & Sons Towing out of the market, Eric, Jon, Dave, and Tony must put their differences aside to save the family business.

Tony finds a box of old x-rated pictures and likes what he sees. 

Sutherland is not a happy camper. 

The boys prove they're NOT master criminals. 

Tony finally meets his Mom. Hint: things don't go well. 

Stuart Sutherland brings an unexpected gift. 

The boys step up their game with illegal activity. 

Customer Service, at its absolute worst.

The guys hire a stripper. Things get super weird. 

The boys find a dead body.

Jon starts charging customers by their weight. 

BBQ fist fight. 

WARNING: this episode features a bong, made out of a watermelon.


Created and produced by Ready Set Panic